The Reoccuring Dream of Mine.

By Jenson
A neverending path, through a dark alley lit only by the lonely moon. Can barely see what's ahead and the end of the path; and not forgetting, braving the cold harsh winter night. No matter, I'll just walk it. Thoughts of the very imaginative mind, creating illusions and visions when one is lonely and afraid. Numb is the feeling I have, for I have experience far too much; clenching my fists and with a heart filled with nothing but feelings of complicity, I chose to walk down the cold dark path set before me. If this is the barrier I must face, then so be it.

The dim light spared by the lonely moon seems to be slowly fading away with each step I take; as if the slightest of hope is dissipating. Looking around, standing in a trail between the forest, there is absolutely nothing one can see in this darkness, not a soul. Howls of the wolves echoed through the night, giving one a feeling of being hunted. I guess it's pointless to even turn back now. Leaving me no option but only to go forward. Aimlessly walking, hands outreached in search of support; the thought of being trapped in an abyss might very well be coming true as I fall to my knees in dissapointment. A heart full of sorrow and despair, I guess it's time to befriend Death.. Somehow, just as the last hope of light was about to fade..,

you held my hand.

The warmth..

The feeling of being loved..

The sweet scent of familiarity..

most importantly..

The beautiful smile of yours..

that gave me hope.


When will I be able to see you again?..

-June 5 2009-


Life's Just So Cruel

Category: , By Jenson
For as long as I remember, I have seen more than enough heartless people in the movies or in reality. Murderers, rapists or perhaps robbers are heartless I would say but still, no one can be compared to one who decides to abandon their new born babies; by leaving them in dumpsites? I mean, even if you don't want your baby, you can always choose to hand them over to an orphanage right? Of all places why a dumpsite? They are a living being for God's sake! They are not somekind of item where if you don't like it or don't wanna use it, you just throw it. I mean, I am not going crazy about the place you choose to abandon your baby peeps. It's the act that I am talking about. Choosing to abandon your newborn is somehow selfish, despicable, heartless and...bah! You don't even deserve to live! Frankly speaking, I got all upset the other day reading a news article on The Star that someone found an abandoned baby, just last week. Last month itself, there's also a case.

There's this article that surprised me. Do check it out : Stray Dogs Save Baby Girl

Even stray dogs know what's right and what's wrong. It's not surprising to me that animals are more caring than us humans; take a girzzly bear for example. In North America (not quite sure), unlucky hikers are reportedly being mauled to death on their hike. It's known now that the Grizzly will attack anything that comes to close to it's cubs and it won't stop until it's sure that you're of no harm. Basically, dead. Aaaaargggghhh~!! Except for the lions who ate their cubs when they go terribly hungry. I just have to spoil everything nice!

If it's not abandoning the baby, it's abortion. Abortion's nothing much angelic as well. Having to remove your infant at an early stage causes consequences. You know, if it happens that the abortion process didn't go quite well; infection it is. A part's that but the other's a belief passed down from generations to generations. Perhaps? Well, it is said that once the woman decides to abort the infant, she will certainly face dire consequences. Not only the woman herself but her partner as well. Well, most of the time, they are couples staying together. It's been told that the infant which was aborted will continue growing; growing up in the other dimension, watching their very own parents who neglected them. It's a pain in the heart for me eventhough they aren't at all related to me. How can one ever choose to abort their very own child? Can't one ever imagine that after the 9 months worth of pain and hardships, it's all worth it? A cute baby in your very own arms?

Which reminds me, most of the people chose to abort giving reasons and excuses like; I can't bear the pain or even I can't afford to have a child now. Or maybe even I got 6 at home, it's far more than enough for me. Jesus! Then get yourself a box of condoms!! Don't you dare tell me that you can't afford it either. Buying a box of condoms is very much better than having to cast away a new hope of life right? Definitely. Anyway, getting back on track, the infant would very well grow up in the other dimension; the other dimension of your very own home. Here's a story that I got it from a friend of mine. Julian! Julian and her gang have their very own blog as a matter of fact. Do visit their blog to check out their everyday gossips! Perhaps rantings might be the better word:P

Click here to check out their blog : La**crew

Just when we thought that decisions are always easy to make and with the thought of what's done, is done and let's all look forward to a brighter day ahead. Warnings and advices shall be hindered and if there might be consequences, they shall be taken lightly; lightly as in there will always be a way. That's right, we're so wrong. Lisa had 2 abortions in her life but everything seemed fine to her. Nothing in peculiar happened but just as she thought they were going monogamus, Keith decided that it's over. The reason? He impregnanted another woman. Of course, marriage seemed to be the unanimous choice between the families of the groom and bride to be. Having moving into Keith's home after marrying, Anne had thought of a bright future ahead but her it didn't turn out to be what she expected at all as things started to change drastically. The prescence of joy and laughter of children filled the air but it's not what you think it is. There aren't any children in the house.

Children's laughter can be heard anywhere throughout the house whether day or night. Footsteps running up and down the stairs echo through the empty hallway. No one was around. None of Keith's family dared to find out who was the child. They eventually knew what it was and decided to keep to themselves, hoping that the child would somehow find his/her way home. From a joyful laughter to a violent wailing of child as if seeking attention, things never did get better at all. As Anne moved into the month of delivery, the situation got worse and apparently, unnerving. Items will be misplaced, simple traps as if made by little children will appear waiting for any of Keith's unlucky family members to trigger them, causing injuries. Unable to cope with this child any longer, it's decided that moving to a new house is the best. Sending Anne to the hospital for a week while Keith look for a new house, the thought of having a peaceful life lighten up everyone's mood. Just 3 weeks after moving in to the new house, the mood of Keith's family never did improve. Apparently, the child had somehow followed them.

I hate to say this but I kind of got lazy to write any longer. I'll just get straight to the conclusion. Keith turned to a medium in a local temple and he found out that there were actually 2 little spirits living in his house. Both were said to be aged 5 and 3 respectively and the shocking part was that the medium told him that the 2 of them were his children. There is no way where one can usher them to the nether world or drive them away by force as they are his children after all. They have the right to live with their beloved father. The reason the disturbing activities and noises around the house got more frequent and violent is because of the newborn baby. Apparently, they had gotten jealous as Keith never did cared about them previously. I guess it's enough for this part. It's said that the children only follow their fathers. No one knows why. That's what the medium said. It kind of freaked me out a little, frankly speaking. Having to hear children laughing around the house is creepy enough but wailing? Holy Mother.

Alright whether this story is for real or fake, it's up to you to believe it but it doesn't really matter. It's the thought that counts. Thought of planning before coming to a decision that abortion's the best choice. After all, there are many stories similiar to this; saying that after abortion, the child continue to live in the house. It might be a folklore made up by the elders just to ensure that their offsprings or anyone whom they care and love for don't make mistakes. No one never knows. Either way, there many more do's and don'ts when a female is pregnant. That's what my grandmother and mother told me, so I thought it would be nice to share it with you.
These action are strictly prohibited:
  • Hammering things in the house
  • Unclogging the potty/toilet bowl
  • Moving the furniture around the house
  • Playing with fire
  • Playing with sharp items

Just to name a few actually. The reason why these are prohibited? It's believed that whenever a female's pregnant, the spirit of the child be staying in the house before actually entering the cast/body. So, it's said that the child spirit will injure itself by trying to imitate or perhaps we accidentally injuring the spirit in the process of doing anything of the above. This will lead to any physical or mental injuries when the child is born. Still, cutting vegetables or meat is a must in everyday life right? I was told that we must warn the spirit before proceeding with any of the necessary actions that needs to be undertaken. Again, it's up to you to believe it. I guess, I am done for today!:) Take care peeps!


Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life. Don't let them scare you unduly, for they keep boredom at bay and spark creativity.

R. I. Fitzhenry.

-April 2nd 2009-


They Say Yes, We Say No

Category: By Jenson

Little did I know that a relationship between a father and son usually turns sour when we reach a certain age; how do we know that? It's when we find that what they have to say are completely unacceptable. Yes, unacceptable. We can't really accept what they have to say. They want things or issues to be done their way, but we have our own solutions and thoughts. From here, we tend to quarrel even over the slightest things. From quarrelling over which highway is to be used to get to KL, whether Kesas or Federal to quarelling over a brand of clothes; buying Emporio Armani T-shirts are better than buying QuikSilver surfing pants. It never ends.

I have come to realise that most of us guys out there don't really talk to our fathers. I had always thought that maybe this is just going on between me and my dad but I was so wrong. Quite a huge number of my guy friends have the same problem. I kinda 'interviewed' them asking whether did anyone of them face the same problem and guess what? We all agreed that we were in fact trying our very best to avoid them. Tired of the nagging, lectures or maybe even talking; we quickly finished up our dinner and 'Poof', we disappeared without them noticing. Why talking as well can lead to a squabble? When they are downstairs, we're upstairs. When they are upstairs, we barricade ourselves in our room. Not even a mosquitoe could penetrate the defenses we had set up for ourselves against our father. Communicating is so hard these days for us that we have no choice but to hide from them.

Hey, don't get the wrong idea of me writing on this particular post. I am not trying to bad mouth my own dad alright? In fact, I respect and looked up to him alot even though sometimes I have gotten too far with my words. Hope that he truly forgives me one day for being such a rascal. I also hope that I would do him proud one day. So, no. I am not such a person that would do such things behind their back. Anyway, I am just trying to highlight that most of the guys out there do in fact, have this problem back home. Well unless that you're a very, very obidient son that is. A type of son that doesn't even fight back, even if your dad says that you should stop playing basketball from now onwards. If this really does happen to me, it's equalvailent to my life being taken away from me. Or perhaps, your father said "It's time to trade in your Honda Civic and get you a Kancil." Smiley face to you!:) The reason? The economy's bad and we should really save. He has a reason and he wants it to be done. So what you gonna do? Accept? But frankly speaking, if I am in such situation I would accept and from tomorrow onwards, I be taking a cab. I don't have a Honda Civic but, Jesus! A Honda Civic being trade in for a Kancil. It's like unacceptable isn't it? Hah! How did I ever came up with that? Owh well, moving on...

And so the time came where we would say that they are out of their mind, they have no sense of fun and they are really lifeless. Or maybe they only care about themselves and never think of how we would feel. Now would you guys take those words back? Yes, most of us find it unreasonable when they start scolding us over a small problem. Frankly speaking, even I have this problem too and I am not afraid to admit it. This problem is actually common throughout the world. I can't help but to give examples of certain situations where my friends would find unreasonable; I myself as well.

  • Situation 1 : Complaining that having 10 songs to listen to a day is considered too much and over to them. How about the remaining 761 songs we have if they were to find out?
  • Situation 2 : This is the most common situation I would say. Stop gaming. It's pointless and it's a complete waste of time. Even sitting by the comp they would complain. They suggested that we should do something more resourceful and beneficial. Example? Gardening. If you disagree, then go study now.
  • Situation 3 : Complaining that we are spending too much time texting on the phone. Waste of money, waste of time and hazardous. Yes, hazardous. The radiation given out from the phones are really high.
  • Situation 4 : So we don't game and we don't use the phone. We sit there watching the TV and they complains as well. "When you're not gaming or using your phone, you turn to TV."
  • Situation 5 : Ok fine, so now we don't use the comp, we dont text or call and we don't watch tv. What should we do? We study of course. Substituting the time we game, text or watch tv with studying the whole day then we decide to take a break by having a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, they came back and upon seeing us chilling, they nuke us, "You look so free why don't you go do some work?" How would you react?
Alright, it's a fact that many of us, guys out there do really face this certain problem when it comes to communicating with our dads. So how are we gonna handle it? Back then, I would always go against almost everything on what he say. Whether it's correct or wrong, I still can't accept. I don't know about you guys out there but now I would just agree on what my dad has to say. Even though most of the times I would find it unacceptable, I would just say "Yea, you're right." So, no squabble or quarrelling and it isn't hard to say that out be quiet the rest of the time. Actually, if either one of us give in, everything's settled but from my point of view, I would rather have the sons give in. Accept what your father has to say. After all, he is our beloved and respectable father right? Taking care of us ever since we were brought into this world by our beloved mums. Most of us had come to think that they are actually finding faults in us and hated us for who we were. Always saying that they regretted doing this or that for us. Hey, don't get all fired up and start a fight over this. Calm down and when you come to your senses, you will know that the reason the nagging and lectures they gave us are because they care for each of us.

Bah, getting too sentimental. Peace out!


I missed those times when my dad used to bring me to the beach back in Penang when I was younger...

-March 8 2009-

When Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

By Jenson
Paintings. Whatever the painting is, there's a story behind it. Show a painting of a woman smiling, stories can be narrated. Take the famous Mona Lisa, a woman painted a few hundred years ago. Why is it so famous in the first place? The smile you see, is enchanting. The painting is said to have it's life of it's own when you look long enough on it. it's like Mona Lisa's actually smiling at you. Now now, it would be totally freaky wouldn't it? I wouldn't want that to happen. Would you? Alright, getting back on track, there're tonnes of stories being told on why Mona Lisa's smiling so sweetly when the painting of her is being drawn by the ever famous Leonardo Da Vinci. Sorry, my bad. I ain't gonna give you history classes on Leonardo Da Vinci. it's just that many rich man favour pictures. I mean pictures with people drawn in it. Truthfully, I never favour pictures like this before. Moreover pictures drawn by people? Over a lifespan of 100 years? no way! Where am I getting at? The hauntings of course! You never know what the picture might bring along.

Sadly, I just revealed that I feel uneasy when dealing with paintings of people smiling in it. I mean, the longer you stare at the painting.. Alright enough of this. I am never going to stare at one painting of a person whether smiling or sulking. Never. Gives me the creeps. Fine, let me just get straight to the point, I had an ex-primary classmate who wrote down this story to me a few weeks back. This story took place last year and it was so kind of her to share it with me. Her father, an avid painting collector had his hands on a painting from Indonesia. It's a painting of a gorgeous lady dressed in a traditional custome, (she was not able to describe the painting quite well) sitting down politely with her hands on her lap staring blankly. No emotions at all. that's what she told me. it could be that she's sad, it could be that she's happy or it could be that she's looking into the eyes of someone she loves with affection. Either way, when the picture reached the doorsteps of her house, her maid who has been working with them for years freaked out upon seeing it, claiming that the picture isn't at all good. My friend's father felt upset upon hearing that and scolded the maid, telling the maid to keep her opinions to herself. Feeling proud of the picture, he hung it at the main frame in the living room.

Even her dog didn't feel good at all, having the picture around. A playful pug it was before, it never stepped into the living room again and can be often found hiding in the corner of one room. The maid too refused to work any longer and decided to resign tomorrow but my friend decided to talk her out of it. Meanwhile, her dad was so proud of the picture and on certain occasions, brought his friends over to enjoy the painting. They were keen to buy from her dad but no matter what figures they put up, he would not sell. Days passed and thing seems pretty normal... until one particular night, she heard the dog whining. Try as hard as she could, my friend could not put herself to sleep. The whining of the dog is unbearable. Unable to cope with it any longer, she opened her bedroom door and intend to find out what was wrong with Poco. As soon as she sopened the door, she heard someone humming. She stopped and listen while Poco kept whining. The humming sounded so miserable and it seems that the whole environment was in such dreadful mood. No wonder Poco had been whining the whole time. But my friend was confused. Confused on who was humming late in the night?

She then realised that the humming had stopped and now, a soft spoken voice could be heard. Something was obviously not right. It couldn't be the maid, it couldn't be her dad(obviously). it could'nt be her mum either. She remembered clearly that her elder sister won't be back from Australia until December. She could not identify the voice and naturally, fear overcame her. She told me that she did not know what to do but poor Poco was whining so loud that anyone could know that the dog was scared. She wanted to bring Poco up. Slowly making down the steps where the view of the living room is getting clearer, she peeked from the staircase. Whoever that was below was still talking. What she saw next was not imaginary but somehow surreal. Her legs froze on the spot not able to move. She wanted to scream but her voice was not to be found. That was what she told me. Upon seeing his beloved master, Poco ran up the stairs and jumped onto my friend casuing her to fall back. Realising she could move again, she quickly made a beat into her parents room. Who wouldn't right? The very next day, she planned to tell her parents about what she saw. But her parents told her that she was dreaming or hallucinating. her father even stayed up all night at the living room to prove her wrong.

Ok, it's getting to long, I will just cut it short on what she saw and what happened the very next nigth her dad decided to stay up in the living room. She claimed that she saw a dark shadowy figure sitting below the painting. All she could make out is seeing that the figure has very long hair, untidied and messy. For the whole period where the voice was talking, it kept saying and repeating this statements which I had translated it into English.

"Where are you?"

" Why don't you come?"

"My heart is full of sorrow without you."

Clearly enough the voice belongs to the figure and whoever that was below the painting, was the girl from the picture. She had no doubt on it. Her father instead, the very next morning sold the painting to a greedy friend of his for a whopping amount of money. If asked what happened that night, his reply was "I spent the whole night thinking, and realised that now the economy is bad, need money to support business." Hah! i wouldn't ask more if I were you. For my friend, instead of feeling scared now, she felt pity for the girl in the painting instead. Well then, update sometime when i am free then! Take care.

-February 24 2009-


A New Reason To Live For

By Jenson
Ahhh~~ Sunrise. Adding with the mist so tranquil and relaxing, it's a new day I would always want to wake up to. With such a cool ambience around, a cup of warm coffee will be perfect. Perfect? Hold your horses right there! Perfect. Perfect? Nothing's ever perfect to me. Not in this current life of mine. Ever wondered why we were given a pair of hands by the creator? One hand is to help ourselves and the other, to help others. I quoted it from someone but I find it real true. Don't be so selfish right? Help someone else with the other hand. This statement somehow made me realise how lucky am I to be myself currently. Not having to live in a world like Ethiopia; a country which has been facing an abundant of food for years. Food crisis to be exact. I don't think that anyone out there really cares on what people in the other part of the world are currently going through. That's a fact that can't be denied. Most of us just live our everyday lives; mostly wasting precious time in pointless activities when they know that, with their pair of hands during free time, they can make a whole lot difference by contributing. Whether anot in the form of donation, food, or clothing, it's just the thought that counts. When you have the thought of helping, you'll definitely contribute.

Ethiopia, a part of East Africa has an estimated amount of 15 million people facing poverty and severe food shortages. From poverty, it leads to insufficient food. As nobody has enough money to buy food home. I ain't exaggerating at all folks. An extract from an article which i found on the web. it tells the tale of a boy having a bloated stomach. No, not because he's fat or ate too much. Remember Ethiopia's having a food crisis? The bloating stomach isn't caused by eating too much but caused by intestinal worms. Intestinal Worms are categorized into may different species but the longest intestinal worm can grow up 35cm in length. One particular species, the Round Worm is common around the world. Why I say it's common? As, it's population is estimated to be quater of the world's population. Back to the Ethiopians. in small villages throughout Ethiopia, many children are suffering from this particular disease due to malnutrition.

Usually, the ones who are suffering from malnutrition has very skinny legs. Actualy, not just the legs but the whole body excluding the bloated stomach. If they are not suffering from malnutrition, then the children will be thin to the bones. So thin that right beneath the skin is nothing more but bone. I have know about the problems that Ethiopia has been facing for sometime but I couldn't do much. If only I could help them more. So, I urge everyone out there who happen to read this post, to somehow think about how lucky you are and try to help them in any way. As for me, I am doing a job by raising an awareness through blogging and also donating toInternational NGOs like Unicef.

For further inquiries, try contacting Unicef through this link. Click Unicef.
To read more about the articles on the severe food shortages of Ethiopia, click Kind or Heart,

-February 24 2008-

A Distance Apart

Category: By Jenson
A meadow of tall green grasses where the sun beems brightly giving every living creature and plant a more meaningful and joyous day ahead. Grasses sway to the direction of the wind is blowing; creating such beautiful and calming sight, a gentle river flows in between the meadow and cropfield, the finishing touch to a scenery where one would be enticed to give up a busy city life and turn to live in the peace of times.. Just when things are getting better, a dark heavy cloud flew in; eating up the sun and spreading the land with nothing but darkness. All joyful thoughts turned to sorrow within minutes. Flashes of thunder could be seen, no doubt that a thunderstorm is to be unleashed in this once plesant field. This probably best describes the changes my mood went through as I realised that most of my friends are leaving for Adelaide in exactly 23 hours and 30 minutes. If you must know why I am in such solemn mood, it is because I was to leave with them as well.. Just a short and random rant of me.. I was supposed to leave with the 2 of my friends and we had all planned well till I find out I didn't do quite well in one of my subjects.. Depressed and disappointed.. What I could do now is to wish them all the best and have the best of times before I join them in the next semester. Gonna miss you guys!

  • Leong Chee Kin
  • Gabriel
  • Sylvia Wong
  • Vernon
PS: Gabriel please take care of Chee Kin aite? Lol. Show him the noobness you've got in yaXD. Be sure to have your hair long enough before I see ya. Hahaha! Take care bro!:P

PS: Chee Kin, I be joining ya soon! You can bet on that! Don't let Gab's gayness influence ya. Take care aite?!

PS: Sylvia and Vernon, I am sure gonna miss you 2 lots:P I will see ya real soon in Adelaide! Take Care!:)


Even though a great distance is between us, our memories of past and present shall unite us once more.

-February 10 2009-


As Time Passes By Slowly..

Category: By Jenson
18.., 19.., 20.., Seconds counting down on a quiet Chinese New Year for her. Laid back on the sofa, alone by herself in the empty living hallway and with a twitch of a muscle, she put up a fading smile and sigh; a fading smile that I could easily decipher. A fading smile that I would assume that in her mind, the living hallway having to be filled with love, joy and laughter. Family I could tell. All her beloved children and grandchildren are there to visit her. After all, it's what all elderly would wish for. I would say that most of us out there never really understand and appreciate what we have now. Not until you realise you're getting old and your life long partner isn't by your side no more. If only anyone of us truly understand what family means.. At the old age of 85, she's still healthy and going strong but for what point she asks herself.. Having to live so long but never did her children or grandchildren really have the heart to visit her even if they did, a simple 'Ma' and off her children to chit-chatting about the latest shopping clothes or how well their business is doing; A simple 'Ah Ma' and off her grandchilren to fiddling their 'respectable' handphones. She sits there alone thinking deep, what's the point of having a Chinese New Year when everyone's busy with themselves?

"Ah Ma, Happy Chinese New Year and I wish you longevity and joy as always"

I walked towards her and wished her. Crouching down and then offered her a bag of fresh mandarins, the warm smile that I missed so much appeared before me. I remembered the smile which always greeted me every everning after my kindergarten class ends at 4. She would wait across the road where the noob driver who would always leave me, a 4 year old kid back then; alone by the road. Cars were zooming pass and devils were lurking at every corner persuading me to take a step forward but I never did. As, my grandmother always shouted to me not to move. Being a good little boy:P, I never budged. My grandmother would always wait 5 minutes before the driver put me down and would walk across the road to walk me back home. She would take care of me everyday judging that my mum was busy taking care of my sister. From there, I knew I had a special bond between me and my grandmother. The loud snort from my obnoxious aunt broke the reminiscence I was having and I realised my grandma's face changed from that instant I wished her a Happy CNY.

Eventhough she thanked me and gave me an angpao, she asked me who I was with a warm smile. I told her that I was one of her grandchildren. She gave me a surprised look as she had completely forgotten about me. The very grandson she took care of and loved dearly. I wouldn't blame it all on her though. I blame it all on her so called sons who had neglected her. The very grandchildren of hers had too contributed to the negligience. Leaving her by herself all day, time slowly ate way her precious memories of the past. If I had insisted on having my grandmother to come and stay with us, it wouldn't had turn out to be like this. I hoped that somehow, someday, she would remember me and say;

"Ah Siong, finish up your fish head! Don't waste food!"

Yes, she was the one who initiate the eternal lust and hunger for fish heads at the very tender age of 4! I wrote all of the above not just because I want to share with you peeps on how much I treasure the memories I had with my grandmother; considering the fact that she asked me who I was 8 times, whether I was married 6 times and why am I here? 11 times; but to highlight on the unwanted elderly in the old folks home around. Seeing the loss of my grandmother's memory due to some negligience, it's the same thing as what the elderly people are facing in the old folk's home. Neglecting your very own parents and then sending them; your parents who took care of you through thick and thin, nurturing you into you yourself today and be there for you when you fall; in return getting repaid by sending them off to an old folk's home and expecting others to take care of them? Giving excuses like I can't support him/her or I got no time for them is totally unacceptable. I ain't gonna drag on about what most beasts out there did. So, let me cut it short and plead;

"Whomever is having loads of free time, why not pay a visit to any old folks home nearby?"

Money isn't what they want, food isn't what they are seeking neither, nor clothing as they have plenty. Instead, why don't anyone out there try and go over and make them smile? To me, their smile would not only lighten up their day but it brings a whole new meaning to their lonely life. Let them know that there's someone out there who will always be there for them and care for them.

Their smile would not only lighten up their day but it brings a whole new meaning to their lonely life.

In the previous post I had mentioned what my dream goal would be. Aside from that, I would want to build up more centres for the unwanted elders or tear down useless and pointless locations and turn them into a centre for the elderly. Start by tearing down AC and any other useless clubs out there. As a matter of fact, I had planned that anyday that I am free, I would certainly go and pay a visit to one old folk's home this year. It's my New Year Resolution. What I had said, I would do:P So do your bit by brightening up their day!


If only I have the power to do much more..

-February 5 2009-